My art is about stories and an attempt to translate them into something  three dimensional..  Each of us has a personal story, but that story, in infinite variations, is shared by all of us because we are connected as human beings.  I start from an emotion, a piece of music, a poem, a found object and I try to give these life and form in clay.

I have learned the great joy of artistic creation; the adventure, painful at times, of self exploration.  I have learned that I can risk, both personally and artistically, without being afraid.  And I have learned through myth and poetry to look at things from more than one direction.  My direction is a continued exploration of art, self, and spirit.







           ART AT THE SOURCE

               June 6 and 7 and June 13 and 14


   I   will be sharing my studio with

   Linda Sorenson and

   Sherri Ortegen